DNA of a Rule Breaker

DNA of a Rule Breaker

"When I look back at Cosmopolitan’s marquee event this year, Let’s Talk About It, one of the highlights was having Cindy Whitehead there. As the world’s biggest media brand for young women, we work tirelessly to make sure that our live events feature only the smartest, most interesting, dynamic and groundbreaking speakers and Cindy certainly fit that bill! In the day’s keynote conversation, where Cindy, Gretchen Carlson and Kelly Osbourne talked to our editor in chief Michele Promaulayko, Cindy’s words about starting a business and advocating for oneself really resonated with our attendees. She’s funny, smart, engaging and gives both practical and inspirational advice with style!"

Laura Brounstein, Editorial & Business Development Director, Cosmopolitan and Seventeen

"Cindy is a brilliant, irreverent and passionate advocate for women who speaks practically and frankly about the issues that matter most.  Her “been there - done that” story is quite awe inspiring and a slap in the face to those who find comfort in the status quo.   All I can say is: Take notes people!"

Blake Irving, CEO, GoDaddy

"Cindy is one of our favorite guests on MSNBC's Your Business.  Though she has reached a level of success as a founder that most can only dream of, she is incredibly relatable and honest about what it takes to run a business.  She offers the perfect combination of inspiration and advice and it's hard to come away from listening to Cindy speak without wanting to hear more."

JJ Ramberg, host of MSNBC Your Business

"Brace yourselves. When Cindy Eckert takes the stage, she's fully prepared to do two things: Drop insider knowledge (while spilling just the right amount of tea), and offer the kinds of indispensable insight that can help anyone move into a market with confidence. But she's also gunning for a status quo that needs to be prepared to make room at the table for everyone. Cindy believes in the power of women to shape the business world in ways that improve the lives of everyone. And when she's done talking, so will you."

Ellen McGirt, Senior Editor, Fortune Magazine
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